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the australians on here are quietly glancing at each other all like hmm who wants to be the one to tell them we have no idea wtf a pumpkin spice latte is

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you know you’re australian when one three double oh six triple five oh six

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its so fucking hot in australia im dying if i hear one more damn american complaining about the cold weather i s2g at least ur not living in satans ass crack 

imagethis heat is getting out of hand 

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  • trick or treat in america: receive candy
  • trick or treat in australia: "fuck off cunt this isn't america"


new years on tumblr is the worst there are like 400 variations of the same damn post and then all the east coast people are screaming about 2014 when i’m on the west coast and it’s still 2013 and then in fuckin australia it’s already like 2017 i’m so stressed

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I’m constantly surprised by the fact that other countries don’t have nicknames for absolutely everything: Arvo, Maccas, ute, brissy, chockas, barbie, avos, bikkies, bottle-o, bundy, cab sav, chockie, brekkie, compo, metho, sanga, snag, spag bol, ciggie, footy, garbo, goon, kindie, pash, polly, pokies, rego, servo, sickie, smoko, stubby, tinny, trackies, vee-dub, veggo, u-ey…


Bloody Australians

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I am Australian

they are not crisps they are chips

they are not fries they are chips

they are not Twisties they are chips

they are not Doritos they are chips

they are not Pringles they are chips

they are not Cheezles they are chips

I am a simple person

do not confuse me with your fancy names

what the fuck are cheezles


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Did you know that in Australia it’s five times more likely that you’ll pick a partner based on humour rather than looks so if you’re ugly but a hilarious motherfucker then you’re almost guaranteed love

yea but have u ever seen an ugly australian

i am waiting for an ugly australian to add their selfie to this post pls do it is beckoning you to tumblr fame


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